Quantico is a very historic community. It was once a lively community seated in Somerset County. Since 1868 it has been a part of Wicomico County. Many existing homes were built in the 1800’s, some date even earlier in the 1700’s.

Today the community is located on a Maryland scenic byway, with brick sidewalks, street lamps styled after gas lamps of the 19th century and attractively landscaped lots. The village has its own Post Office, an elementary school (beyond the village limits,) several churches, but no store. It is surrounded by farmland.

We regret that our neighboring church, the First United Methodist Church of Quantico, has closed and is in desperate need of repair. The community is seeking ways to preserve this landmark church which was built in the 19th century to replace another building that was built in 1778. There is a granite marker beside the church where the parishioners placed a time capsule in 1976, it is to be opened in 2076.