The Stained Glass Windows at St. Philips contain symbolism of the stories of the Bible and the local church. Examine them carefully and note the stories they tell.

The newest window is of the Annunciation and was given by the Reverend Nathaniel Pierce. The Annunciation was created in 1933 by the Artist: Knute Svendsen at the Charles J. Connick Studio in Boston, Massachusetts. The window is given in memory of Audrey B. Pierce, 1938 – 2009. Installed on 4/17/2015, it was dedicated during the church centennial on May 17, 2015.


Stained glass windows date from the Gothic cathedrals  of the Middle Ages whose  windows were called the Bible of the people as many church members could not read. The colors, pictures, and symbols had meaning and taught them the stories in scripture.